Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Claims Procedure

To obtain road hazard benefits you must:
  1. If you have a tire and/or wheel damaged due to road hazard, call 1-855-225-0414 and follow the prompts for help. The Administrator will give you a claim tracking number and the name of a participating service facility (if needed).
    1. You must obtain prior authorization to replace a tire and/or wheel, or to have a wheel repaired. If you fail to obtain prior authorization, your claim may not be eligible for reimbursement.
    2. No prior authorization is required for flat tire repairs.
  2. If a tire or wheel needs to be replaced, or if a wheel needs to be repaired, and authorization cannot be obtained because the damage has occurred outside of the Administrator's normal business hours, you may elect to wait for authorization to proceed with a tire or wheel replacement, or wheel repair. In order to be eligible for reimbursement:
    1. if replaced, you must retain the damaged tire or wheel for inspection
    2. if the wheel is repairable, ensure that you have the repair facility provide you with the bare rim runout measurements/readings and take clear pictures of the damage before the wheel is repaired, AND
    3. the Administrator must be contacted within 2 business days by calling 1-855-225-0414. There is no guaranteed eligibility.
  3. You are responsible for all expenses and costs not covered in your Contract.
  4. The damaged tire and/or wheel must be retained and made available for inspection.
  5. You must sign the repair or replacement invoice.
  6. If the repairing facility will not accept payment directly from the Administrator, then you must pay for the repair or replacement and obtain reimbursement.
  7. All claims must be reported and claim documentation received (including the Tire and/or Wheel if requested) within 60 days of service.
  8. Submit your request for reimbursement with the requested documentation as directed below.

For program exclusions please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined in your contract.

For Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Damage Reimbursement

For your claim to be processed efficiently, please follow the below instructions.




We reserve the right to deny any reimbursement request if:
Mail, fax, or email a legible copy of the documentation to:
Mail: Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protect
P.O. Box 16973 Golden, CO 80402-6016
Fax: 1-866-449-3239
Email: [email protected]