Travel Trailer Towing

Good Sam Roadside Assistance - We know trailer towing!

Just pretend for a minute that you're driving along the road and something goes wrong. What do you do?

Well, if you have Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you just call our toll free number and we'll send someone to handle trailer towing.

Your Good Sam Roadside Assistance benefits are ready and waiting to protect you every hour of every day.

And not only does Good Sam Roadside Assistance offer travel trailer towing...we handle your tow vehicle too. In fact, all your household vehicles are covered. And maybe best of all, Good Sam Roadside Assistance has NO mileage restrictions on trailer towing to the nearest professional service center. That means you could be in the middle of nowhere and we'll tow you to safety... and you'll pay nothing out of pocket.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance has the nation's largest network of RV rescue and recovery specialists, giving you even more peace-of-mind when you're out on the road. Not only does this program provide unlimited distance travel trailer towing and coverage for all household vehicles; we also offer $1,200 in trip interruption benefits, free fuel and fluid delivery, locksmith service, battery jump starts, tire changes, as well as protection for your spouse and dependent children.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance - Your call for the open road.

Thinking our roadside assistance program must cost a fortune? THINK AGAIN.

Get a low introductory rate for one year!

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