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My Wife and I had to travel about 200 miles from home this weekend for a funeral, and this morning when we left our hotel we noticed we had a flat tire. We limped it to a gas station, only to find a sign on their air station saying "out of order". It was 1 degree out with a wind chill of around 35 degrees below zero. I attempted to change the tire while my wife attempted to call AAA, whose service we had not cancelled yet since joining Good Sam Roadside Assistance. She called them 3 times only to get the same recording, "We are closed, please call back during normal business hours.” That doesn’t sound like 24/7 emergency service. So she called Good Sam Roadside Assistance and within 10 minutes you got a tow provider out of Claire, WI showed up. They inflated the tire and had me drive it to their shop, fortunately only about a block away, so we could get it inside out of the frigid cold, and take a look at it. Within 10 minutes we were good to go and on our way home. Now that's what I call "Customer Service". You have gained our confidence in Good Sam for life. P.S. my wife also called AAA to cancel our membership as soon as we got back home.

-Dennis Busch

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