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On Christmas Eve, while going over the river, through the woods, and over two snow covered moutain passes, my car overheated on top of one of those several feet of snow covered passes.

Fortunately after breaking down and letting it cool, I was able to ‘limp’ to the only towing company what is on top of that pass. As I walked up to the door of the towing company, I remembered two other travelers, many years ago, that were in need of help on what turned out to become Christmas Eve.

As one of the two towing owners answered the door, I smiled and said, “Merry Christmas is there room in the Inn?” My car (or donkey in the past times that I had thought about) broke down and am in need of help. I needed my car towed/repaired and possibly a place to stay if needed. Due to the towing company did not honor any towing coverage companies, they were kind enough to call both 45 miles west and again east of our location to see if another towing company could assist me.

Being late afternoon on Christmas Eve, no other tow company was able to be there for me. I called my favorite towing coverage company – Good Sam! Talking with your excellent representative, I think Natalie (not sure), we were on the phone for 40 minutes while she assisted me in my time of need. Following necessary proceedures, she too received the same information that no other tow company would help.

So, I asked since I have coverage for towing up to 53 miles and the next town is 45 miles away, could you work with this tow company I am at. I handed over my phone and in a minute, I was taken care of.

The wonderful towing company and Good Sam took excellent customer service steps and totally covered the charges and I was on my way – with car in tow! So, once again (this is the second time) Good Sam has come to rescue me!

Through this process Good Sam now has a new partner in Snoqualmie Pass Towing Company with Ben and Jason. I appreciate both Good Sam and Snoqualmie Pass Towing for them being there on Christmas Eve for us in the Good Sam family, when we need your help on the way to our friends and family members. I had a wonderful Christmas because of your help!


Rev. Diana K. Jeffery Tacoma, WA

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