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My wife and I were in the Outter Banks N C, staying at a friends summer home. We were told by security that we would have to move our 37ft motor home so after removing our cloths and food we were ready to park it at the parking area they had. I started to pull out of the driveway I cut to short and caught in some pompous grass and hooked my tailpipe in it, pulling it loose and I ran over it.IT WAS A MESSSSS. I hobbled up to the parking area and waited til the next morning and called Good Sam ERS , what friendly and helpful people they were. After notifying the wrecker service they were in constant communications with me, telling me the approximate time the wrecker would be there ,Upon arrival the wrecker personal was very nice and proceed to clear the pipe out if the way so I could get back to Kentucky, If anyone ever needs help in the Kitty Hawk area be sure to call SETO's TOWING SERVICE, Richard was the person who helped me and the office called two or three times to give a time frame. AND THE SERVICE WAS VERY REASONABLE.


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