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In June 2007 my wife and I were in Pigeon Forge TN camping and decided to go over the smokie mountians to Cherokee NC. About 4 or 5 miles up the mountian I realized that my 95 Jeep had quit running. I pulled to the side of the road a very nice couple came along from Mobile AL and took us back to the RV. I have been an ERS member for about 5 years but had never used the service. I had wondered if the service was as good as I had heard. I told my wife that now we were going to find out. I place a call to ERS. I spoke with a very nice lady. She told me that someone would call me in a few min. to let me know how long it would be before someone would pick me up. In a few Min. a lady called and told me that someone would be there in about 18 Min. In about 18 Min. a man picked me up at the RV with a flat bed truck and we went after the car. He brought the car back to the shop and within a couple hours had installed a cranking sensor, Flushed the raditor and replaced the thermostat. The service was great and I am so glad that I am an ERS member.

--Hulett Jiles

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