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My son and I had just purchased our first motorhome and were on our way from Atlanta to the Grand Canyon, when one of our tires quite literally exploded, on I-40, just west of Oklahoma City. ERS dispatched L & M and within a short period of time, we were on our way, again. As luck would have it, one hundred miles later, the same thing happened, again! We were absolutely astounded at our luck and were forced to call ERS, yet again. Fortunately, we were rescued by the roadside specialist out of Amarillo within an hour. As it turns out, the tires that blew had been spares, which the previous owner had been forced to use. While they had excellent tread, but, as we found out later, were six years old. One of the RV parks, in which we stayed, suggested that we visit Texas Tire and Tube, in Amarillo, where we met the owner, who was absolutely delightful and extremely helpful. He told us that you cannot use tires that old on a light truck or RV, irrespective of the amount of tread left on them. The point of this note is two-fold. First, to recommend that everyone keep track of the age of their tires and, secondly, to suggest that no one go on the road without the Good Sam RV ERS! They were wonderful! Thanks, Good Sams!

--Craig Deegan

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