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This past weekend we were at Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR race. Saturday evening it started to rain and it rained steadily for almost two days. The campground that we stayed at like most of the temporary campgrounds in the area are converted fields with well established grass. But the rain had saturated the ground and any large RV at the lower end of the campground became stuck in the mud. I wish to commend the towing company 3D Towing of Dundee Michigan and owner operator Mike for his diligence, good humor and willingness to help. He winched at least five motorhomes and fifth wheels that I know of. After we left I have no idea how many he helped. He winched us at least 300 feet over saturated ground and did not charge us the going rate of a $1 per foot, because he said that there were so many he did not have to. He did not charge anyone the going rate. Please make sure that 3D Towing knows how much we appreciated his service. We have been members for 5 years and have used the service twice. It is good to know that you can rely on a referral to a reliable and honest towing company when you are in trouble. Thank you both 3D Towing and Good Sam RV ERS. (The picture shows Mike of 3D Towing runnig the cable from our motorhome to his tow truck. As you can see it was a fair distance.)

--Pauline & Ron Fallis

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