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Last year we turned off I-75 onto M-18 to go to Prudenville, MI. The road was under re-construstion and we were having to wait for our turn to go through. Well the our '93 Bounder 34-J started to overheat and was acting up. I pulled over to the shoulder so that I would'nt cause a tie-up of the traffic and to let the engine cool down. Well the shoulder was very soft and the motorhome sunk and was about to fall over on the right side and we could hardly get the door open so that we could get out. We ended up calling our ERS and was sent a tow truck from 50 miles away only to have to be too small. The driver got on his cell phone and called for the big rig to do the job. Well the big rig showed up and the two drivers were able to safely remove us from our situation withour any damage. All I had to do was to sign the towing bill and they were off back to Gaylord. The bill was for I think it was around $1,200. Are very satisified with out ERS ... VERY ! ! !

--Mike & Hazel Proctor

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