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Loretta and I were in Columbus, Ga, returning to our motorhome, about 10 miles away. Our Saturn, suddenly just quit! We pulled to the side of the road and pondered what to do. I pulled out my GSERS card and dialed the number. I got an immediate response( I failed to remember the agents name) and after some discussion on where we were located, a tow truck was dispatched. The truck arrived with in the time frame stated. We had called the Saturn dealer to arrange the repair. Linda Wells the Service consultant went out of her way to see to help us. She called Enterprise and had a car sent out to us. Both business were closing! Sterry Smith from Enterprise came out and got my wife, while I rode with the towtruck driver to the Saturn dealership. Linda called me early the next morning and told me what the problem was and when it would be ready. It was ready when promised. I had just gotten my GSERS membership! I would recommend it to everyone. One phone call, put me in touch with several great people and made my breakdown an enjoyable experience rather than a disappointing one.

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