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We have been members of Good Sam Emergency Road Service for 8 years. For the first seven, we never used it. Then, this last year we have had to use it 4 times. Each time we were treated with respect and received speedy service. Each service person was prompt, knew his business and got us towed to our destination with no difficulty. It is hard to break down in a strange place, not knowing where to turn for help. But with one phone call, we knew we would be in the best of hands. This was evident in our last, most embarassing situation. We were backing our 40' RV out of our yard to go to a Good Sam local rally. It had been raining for a couple of days. Our country drive is gravel surrounded by grass. We backed out just a little too far and the rear wheels began to spin. We tried everything to get the wheels unstuck, all to no avail. A call to Good Sam ERS netted us a tow truck available to winch us out. The closest that had the equipment able to winch us out was 125 miles away, but they sent them anyway. In a couple of hours we were on our way. We had a really wonderful week-end thanks to the good service we reveived from Good Sam ERS.

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