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What a great value! We bought your emergency road service for our new ( used ) motor home this spring. After washing the rig in my drive way a tire valve let go. Two hours later the valve was replaced. No charge. It really paid off yesterday. A tread separated while driving I-70 in Pa. After pulling to the side of the busy highway, I was promised a repair truck in two hours. Help was there in less than an hour. The tire lad hurried to try to beat an oncoming thunder storm. While tire removal was underway the weather deteriorated. With me standing roadside with a flashlight pointed at truck traffic, the lad was getting soaked. Only when lightning struck a quarter mile away did he seek refuge in his truck and me in the motor home. When the storm let up, he finished and I was on my way. The service has paid for it self twice. Yesterday in a big way!

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