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I just want to express my appreciation for the help I received twice on our vacation from Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service. The first days we were in the middle of no where in PA when the turbocharger on our truck blew off the engine. Your service located a towing company and arranged to have us towed 30 miles to a dealership who had agreed to make repairs. We were very pleased with the service. The tow truck had to come from 60 miles away to help us. A week later we were on the interstate outside of Buffalo, NY during rush hour when a tire blew on the drivers side on our 5th wheel. I got it to the side of the road. The operator stressed that we wait for the roadside service and don't try to do anything. How scary changing a tire along the interstate. We had service within 45 mintues and were on our way again. We truly appreciated the help!

I am writing because we were not able to call in after our first experience to tell what wonderful help we had received!

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