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We were on a trip recently and our truck broke down and had to be towed to a Dealership, along with our 5th wheel being towed to a close(to the Dealer) RV park.

The experience was more than good, it was fantastic!!

When we broke down and got off the highway, there was a Semi in the same turn off.

After calling for help on our situation, we began talking with the trucker and found he had been there for 2 days, awaiting parts for his rig and had been without water or food for the 2 days. The wife made him a plate of cold cuts and cheeze, and we gave him several chilled bottles of water. We exchanged first names and eventually left with our rig in tow with the ERS, but after our truck was repaired, we had to go back over the same route, and found our "friend" had left.

What an experience we had, not only using the ERS, but being able to help another person on the highway. Guess this goes back to the origination of Good Sam!!

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