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To any one with Doubts,

My name is John Tork I have never had to use a tow truck in my life but on June seventh my wife and I had taken a trip into Canada. We had gotten on a wrong road going to White Swan lake. It began to rain and the road began to deteriorate. We had decided to turn around when we got stuck in the mud. I tried for three hours to get myself out to no avail. We were fifteen miles down this road and had no Idea where we were. We decided to walk out when my wife said lets try the cell phone. We had one bar which usually means no service, but we tried. An Angel by the name of Tanika answered our call. The service was so bad she could hardly hear me. This Lady kept on until she knew who I was and said she would call Canada & see who was close to me. I told her this was fine but I didn't know where I was. She had no doubts. She said we will find you. Within fifteen minutes she was back on the phone and told me she had a tow truck on the way and the driver would be calling me and would be there in thirty five minutes. This was hard to believe because it took me more than thirty five minutes to get where I was. However, within two minutes after she called The wrecker driver called and said he was on his way and would call when he got closer. This would normally be the end of the story but there is more impressive service involved. The wrecker driver did not arrive for forty five minutes but at the end of thirty five minutes my phone rang. It was My Good Sam's Representative saying that their records showed that the tow truck should be there. When I told her that he wasn't her first concern was "are you safe?" I informed her that I was and that I had just talked to the tow truck driver and he had found my tracks and was following my trail. There is more to that story for a latter date. The next thing is when we got out we went to the town the tow truck came from. It was an hour and a half away. You tell me how Tanika got him there in forty five minutes. Thanks doesn't say enough Good Sam.

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