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My wife was traveling to Phoenix with 3 other ladies when they had a flat tire. Driver had GSERS-called and got prompt service to change the tire. My wife talked me into getting it too-having never needed road service in almost 50 years of driving I thought it was just a waste of money. The very next year with a 2 year old trailer I blew a tire in desolate Texas. Service had to drive 60 miles to me - changed the tire - & recommended that when I get tire replaced to have him check the spare for thorns that were everywhere on the shoulder of the road where I pulled off. The nearest place for new tires was 250 miles & when 35 miles from town with dealers had the other tire on same side blow out. No spare now so i took the one that was bad to the dealer after unhitching & leaving wife with trailer. She preferred to stay rather than driving for the tires. Went into town made arrangements for 4 new tires -mounting one on the rim from day before so GS could then come & install it. Called GS as I was loading the tire in truck to return to the trailer. Tow truck sped by me as I was getting on xway..was him waiting for me when I got back to trailer. I did have a thorn in spare on trailer --thanks to 1st serviceman-wish I knew who it was. Had it repaired before mounting on carrier. 4 new tires on road & I'm on my way. Haven't needed it in next 2 years but won't be without GSERS.

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