Is Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance Really Worth It?

Do you REALLY need RV roadside assistance coverage? Well, that depends. If you never, ever have an issue with your motorhome - on the day you use your RV for the very last time, you can look back and say, "Looks like I didn’t need that RV roadside assistance after all!"

But ask any avid RVer if RV roadside assistance is worth the investment and the answer will be a resounding "YES!" Even if your RV runs like a champ, countless scenarios could cost you dearly if you don’t have a good roadside assistance plan. Accidents, misplaced keys, medical emergencies, blown tires - the list goes on and on.

Driving anywhere in your RV without a comprehensive roadside assistance plan is risky. For a relatively low cost a program like Good Sam Roadside Assistance, explicitly designed for RVs, will give you the peace of mind to know that you’re covered whether you’re driving cross-country or to a nearby campground.

Roadside Assistance Benefits Designed for RVers

Not all roadside assistance plans are created equal.

Even if your insurance includes roadside assistance, most plans are not designed to cover the unique challenges that RVers face. Finding a service provider with the right super-duty tools and technicians is easier said than done. RV service providers are highly specialized, in demand, and there aren't as many of them as you might expect.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance members get priority access to the nation's most extensive network of RV-specific providers. In an emergency - instead of calling mechanic after mechanic, call Good Sam, and they'll do the legwork for you.

One Tow Can Make All the Difference

Good Sam is one of the only RV Roadside Assistance plans that offer unlimited towing.

Imagine this scenario: You're driving to Alaska when your transmission blows. You're 9 hours away from the nearest service station, but there's no way you're driving there - you need a tow.

Now let's do some math. The tow truck is 9 hours away. So that's 9 hours to get you, then nine back to the service station. A truck capable of hauling an RV is a specialized vehicle and could cost up to $500 an hour. So at this point, you're facing a bill of up to $9,000. But that's not all! Towing companies charge starting at the moment they get the call, not when they hit the road. Not to mention the time it takes to hook your RV up to the truck (hint: it's a lot of time.).

Of course, this scenario is rare. But even a short tow lasting an hour could easily set you back $500. A standard membership with Good Sam Roadside Assistance starts at less than $100 for an entire year - what would you rather pay?

Mobile Mechanic Network

Good Sam is one of the only RV roadside assistance companies to have developed a network of RV mobile mechanics. Many roadside assistance programs will opt to tow your vehicle to the nearest service station, even for minor mechanical issues. While some service is better than no service, tows are very time-consuming and can set your trip back. Under the right circumstances, a member of the Good Sam Roadside Assistance mobile mechanic network may be able to come right to you and service your vehicle. No time wasted!

Additional Benefits of Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

Let's say you do end up being one of the lucky few never to experience a roadside emergency. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is still a great investment! In addition to having peace of mind every time you hit the road, depending on your level of membership you may be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Up to 25% discounts on vehicle rentals from Avis or Budget
  • RV / auto service and parts discounts and savings
  • Up to 15% off car care service at AAMCO
  • New or used car buying and selling assistance
  • Up to 20% off participating Wyndham Hotels

Learn more about Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance or enroll today!