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RV Brake Controllers: The Types and their Differences

In the world of brake controllers, there are only two types. The first is the Proportional Brake Controller. This style of controller uses a device that tells a computer in the brake controller how fast you are stopping and how much braking power is needed. This type of brake controller is the usually the most respected, because it reacts to each stop the same manner as the driver. The other ... Read More

RV Tires: Complete Tire Maintenance You Don't Want to be Without

Under Pressure Unlike passenger-car tires, where the maximum inflation pressure on the sidewall should never be exceeded, the pressure figure on the sidewall of a light-truck or medium-duty truck tire is the minimum pressure necessary to carry the maximum stated load. In other words, if a tire reads “Max Load single: 3650 lbs at 65 psi cold” then 65 psi is the minimum cold-air ... Read More

RV Tires: 24 Hr Flat Tire Service and Damage Prevention Tips

RV Tires: 24 Hr Flat Tire Service and Damage Prevention Tips Most RV owners know how important it is to check their tires, yet only 14% of U.S. drivers properly check their tire pressure on a regular basis1. Proper tire care can prevent breakdowns, crashes, improve handling, supply better fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. We know that accidents ... Read More

RV Travel: How to Avoid Tire Failure | Good Sam Roadside

Underinflated tires are one of the leading causes of tire failure. Every vehicle owner should know that the load rating and PSI for a tire are the most important factors in getting optimal tire life and performance. Tires that are underinflated can get extremely hot, which leads to tire failure. When considering that heat buildup, summertime temps will have a dramatic effect ... Read More



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