Good Sam Tech Tips - Preventative Care

Typical RV Repairs and How to Plan for Them

Every vehicle needs regular maintenance to ensure it performs and looks its best. Your RV is no exception. We've put together a list of typical repairs and maintenance tasks you can expect to deal with, and how to plan for emergencies. Regular Maintenance Just like with a car or motorcycle, your RV requires regular routine maintenance. Your RV owner's manual and a preventative maintenance ... Read More

RV Essentials: 7 Must-Have Items for Your Motorhome Checklist

Do you have a checklist of things you need to pack, load, or check your on-board inventory for whenever you take an RV trip? Most of us RVers do, even if that checklist is only in our heads. And, of course, those of us that rely only on our minds sometimes fall a bit short of remembering the complete list. But whatever method you use to pack your RV, there are seven things that you should ... Read More

RV Tire: Maintenance Tips for Preventing Tire Problems

Most RV owners know how important it is to check their tires, yet only 14% of U.S. drivers properly check their tire pressure on a regular basis1. Proper tire care can prevent breakdowns, crashes, improve handling, supply better fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. We know that accidents do happen and even the most safety-conscious RV owners get flat tires – even in their own garage! ... Read More

Trailer Wheel Bearings: RV Maintenance and Repair Tips

Trailer Wheel Bearings: RV Maintenance and Repair Tips Your trailer's wheel bearings play a vital role in supporting the trailer's weight and allowing the wheels to spin without putting excessive stress on the trailer axle. The number one reason for wheel bearing failure is due to improper maintenance, which means your RV trailer bearings must be inspected ... Read More

Dirt Daubers: RV Pest Controls Tips to Keep 'Em Away | Good Sam

Dirt daubers, also know as dirt diggers, dirt dobbers, dirt divers, or mud wasps, can be big pests. What is a dirt dauber? They are long slender wasps. The name of the wasps comes from the nests that are made by the females, which consist of mud molded into place by the wasp’s mandibles. Mud daubers are rarely aggressive, but you may be familiar with the damage they can cause. ... Read More

RV Repair: The Basics of Repairing RV Batteries | Good Sam

Batteries are a necessity for operating a large amount of your RV’s components, and without that power, you might as well be sleeping in a tent. From your refrigerator to your television to your lights, batteries give you the amenities that made RVing so attractive in the first place. When considering its importance, RV owners should know how to maintain and repair their power ... Read More

Trailer Hitch Maintenance: Avoid Failure with These Tips

For those with travel trailers and camping trailers, one of the nastier forms of roadside breakdown is hitch failure. Not only will hitch failure strand you on the side of the road requiring you to contact Good Sam Roadside Assistance, but it may also result in extremely costly damage to your towed unit or towing vehicle. In most cases, hitch failure can be prevented by regular ... Read More

RV Repairs: RV Furnace Maintenance Tips for Better Performance

This probably isn’t the season your furnace gets turned on, but this is definitely the season to evaluate and repair any damages it may have. The key to having a trouble-free time with your furnace system is regular inspection for wear and tear. With some basic knowledge, this RV furnace maintenance can save RV owners money down the road by avoiding costly repairs. Of course, it’s always ... Read More

Diesel Fuel Gelling: Motorhome Tips for Protecting Your Engine

Unlike the Dr. Scholls’ “Are You Gellin” commercials, in diesel fuel gelling is actually a bad thing. Gelling is a process that begins as temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius. This gelling affect is predetermined by the grade of diesel being utilized, and because there are numerous grades of diesel fuel there will inevitably be different freeze points and ... Read More

RV Batteries: Maintenance Tips to Keep Them Going | Good Sam

Are the batteries in your RV lasting as long as you would expect? Summer heat can wreak havoc on RV systems, including your battery. Avoid setbacks in your road trip and keep your battery stronger with these tips. Some of the common causes of premature battery failure include overcharging – especially during hot temperatures. Batteries have a shorter lifespan in hot climates than ... Read More



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