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10 RV Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Giving your RV a good spring cleaning is the perfect way to get ready for the busy camping season. Below, you'll find some easy and fun RV spring cleaning tips to keep your rig looking and running great. Gather your cleaning supplies, crank up your favorite tunes, and get ready to clean! Start by airing out your RV This is an easy and comfortable place to start. Lift the ... Read More

RV Lighting Ideas: Motorhome Hacks for Better Travel | Good Sam

One night, my wife got out of bed and turned on the living-room light from the switch on the wall in the motorhome bedroom. On returning to bed, she went to turn off the living-room light and flipped off the wall switch she thought was the light switch. We were both surprised when the bedroom slideout started moving in.The solution to this problem proved to be simple. I went to my local home center ... Read More

RV Satellite System: Choosing the Right Entertainment Setup

RVs have come a long way. We can now enjoy all the comforts of home while on the road, from microwaves and dishwashers to satellite systems where we can watch the latest news, that anticipated playoff game, or a favorite movie on HBO. Choosing the right satellite system to be installed in your RV is not a decision that can be made quickly. Not every satellite system can work ... Read More

RV Tires: What You Need to Know about Valve Stem Extenders

This week’s tech-tip is about wheel valve extenders. For most people, it’s a must have in order to check air pressure in the rear duals of your motor home. There are many designs for these applications and the best are the steel braided models. But beware; if you have wheel covers you can not use them. If your wheel cover comes off while driving it will break both extenders off and there you ... Read More

RV Air Conditioner Maintenance: Camping Tips for Maximum Comfort

On a hot summer day, it is safe to say that you probably could not stand being inside your RV without air conditioning. So if your air conditioner were to go out, you would probably start scrambling to find someone capable of fixing it by either coming to you or you going to them. RV’s come equipped with either a rooftop A/C, basement A/C, or some even decide to equip their RV with two ... Read More

RV Appliances: Prevent Annoying Rattling with RV Hacks

Appliances, while a necessary part of any kitchen, always have moving parts. And if it moves, it rattles. One of the worst "rattlers" is the range vent above your stove. An easy way to keep the flapper from rattling is to install a small bead chain and (if you please) a decorative handle on the end. Then gently, bend a short piece of 1/4-inch copper tubing into a 90-degree angle. Drill a ... Read More

RV Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips: How to Manage High Temps

When camping in high-temperature locations, few RV components may be as important as your air condition system, so its important to know its workings. In case of failure, this information may be invaluable in diagnosing the issue, but if youre a Good Sam Roadside Assistance Platinum or Platinum member, you can consult directly with a certified RV technician over the phone. To ... Read More

Traveling With Pets: Motorhome Storage for Food & Water Dishes

RVers enjoy taking their pets along when they travel, but one problem with having a pet on board is where to put the food and water dishes. We all look for an out-of-sight spot where the dishes won't get kicked or stepped into.My wife came up with a great idea to address this problem. She asked me to remove the door from the storage compartment below the stove. This provides an area for the pet's ... Read More

Camping Hacks for Cold Feet: RV Tips and Tricks that Work

Those with pop-up or hybrid campers with bunk-outs know all too well how cold it gets near the rear end of the bunk. This is due to the metal support rails, and the fact that the canvas folds over the ends and does not make an air-tight seal.I found a simple solution to this problem. I place a large body pillow along the edge of the bed where my back usually ends up. This provides a soft, comfortable ... Read More

RV Curtain Rod Hack: An Easier Way to Cover Your Front Window

Are you tired of climbing over seats and dash to spread the curtain around your RV's front window at night? I was - so I made a rod to guide the curtains along the track and across the windows.At the hardware store, I purchased two dowel rods, each about 24 inches long, and two screw eyes. Screw the eyes into one end of each dowel (first drilling a small pilot hole).To install, unhook the first ... Read More



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