Good Sam Tech Tips - For Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer Owners

6 Driving Tips for First Time RVers

If you've never driven an RV before, it can be a little intimidating. After all, it's not every day that you drive an up to 30 ft. vehicle at high speeds. But with caution, preparedness, and a lot of practice, youll become comfortable driving your RV and you wont be a newbie for long. Below are a few tips to help you get comfortable driving your new RV. 1. Get to Know Your RV Before setting ... Read More

Camping Tips and Tricks: How to Stabilize a Trailer

In order to eliminate trailer movement and greatly increase stability while set up at a campsite, you should try using two small 2-ton hydraulic bottle jacks. After leveling the trailer, but before lowering its stabilizer jacks, place a bottle jack under the leaf-spring mounting bracket at each corner of the trailer suspension (exampleL left rear and right front). Then, pump up each jack ... Read More

RV Tires: Flat Tire Help to Keep You on the Road

During one of our trips, a trucker pulled along side and gave me the air horn and pointed down. I pulled over and, to my horror, found that the rear tire on my trailer had been reduced to a mass of shredded rubber and steel. In addition, the sewer-drain connections were cut off, and there was a large hole in the floor of the bathroom. I had been driving on that flat tire for miles without knowing ... Read More

Travel Trailer Maintenance: Preventing Suspension Breakdowns

Good Sam Roadside Assistance has noticed a pattern of suspension failures that might have been prevented by routine inspection and maintenance. Let’s examine a towable’s running gear and what can be done to prevent costly roadside breakdowns. Your travel trailer’s suspension is made up of three primary components: leaf springs, shackles and equalizers. The leaf springs are attached ... Read More

Tow Vehicle: Which One is Best for RV Towing | Good Sam

After pouring over RV manufacturer's brochures, wading through RV websites and throwing a slew of questions at the friendly RV salesperson, you've finally selected the perfect trailer or fifth-wheel; but your homework isn't over yet. Now is time to take the next step and determine what kind of tow vehicle you'll need to pull your dream RV. And from the list of makes and models ... Read More

RV Camping Tips: Projects and Quick Fixes for Better Travel

Happy Halloween! And if you're out camping with your RV, it's probably a busy Halloween, catering to all the trick-or-treaters as well as your family. Between candy, drinks, food and whatever else, you've probably run out of table space. Here's a quick little fix for that problem. If you have a piece of conduit, pipe or even a sturdy and level stick, prop it under one of your motorhome's basement ... Read More

Brake Controllers: What They Are & How They Affect RV Power

What’s a brake controller? A brake controller is the component that provides power to the trailer’s electric brakes, which comes in different styles and types. In the brake controller world there really are only two types; one type is the proportional brake controller (also known as inertia controllers) and the other is the time delay brake controller. This proportional brake ... Read More

24 Hour Road Service: The RV Tech Reaching Drivers Far and Wide

Good Sam members travel far and wide, often to remote and unfamiliar places. This is one reason why owning an RV is so wonderful - but it can be worrisome if you experience a roadside emergency. Many Roadside Assistance members don’t know exactly where they are when they break down in these unfamiliar places. And when out on the open road, in less populated areas, or where road ... Read More



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