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Good Sam Roadside Assistance – We've got all your vehicles covered!

With Good Sam Roadside Assistance, all your automobiles, vans, pick-ups, SUVs, boat trailers, 2-wheel tow dollies (designed to carry only automobiles, vans, pick-ups, or SUVs), motorcycles and vehicles specifically designed to tow fifth-wheel trailers are covered. That's your entire fleet for just one low-cost membership.

So, no matter if you get a flat, run out of gas, lock yourself out, have a dead battery or need a tow, just give Good Sam a call and we'll soon be at your (road)side to get you fixed and back on your way.

Let the Good Sam Roadside Assistance family cover your family of vehicles. It's your way for the highway!

Thinking our roadside assistance program must cost a fortune? THINK AGAIN.

Get a low introductory rate for one year!

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