Member benefit
For 24-hour roadside assistance
call TOLL-FREE 1-800-947-0770
Benefits and services provided by Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc.
for Members residing in Alaska, Alabama, Utah and Virginia; and by
Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC for Members residing in all other States.
1Residents of Alaska, Alabama, Utah and Virginia will be provided with motor club
services from Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc. (AmRT) only. Residents of all other states
will be provided with motor club services from Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC (ART).
As a member of Good Sam Roadside Assistance
from Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC and
Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc.1, you are
entitled to all the benefits
and services that
have made this program a leader in RV roadside
Please keep this Member Benefit Brochure in your
vehicle at all times, as it explains your benefits
and services in detail. Take a moment to familiarize
yourself with the program details so you fully
understand how it works.
Your membership protects you no matter where
you travel in the United States, Canada, Puerto
Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico. Our
24-hour, 365-days-a-year call center and network
of more than 40,000 independent specialized
tow, service and repair providers ensures you
have peace of mind wherever and whenever you
take to the road.
If you have any comments, complaints, or ideas
on how we can better serve you, please email
me at I’m
always glad to hear from you. We are committed
to providing you with the superior level of service
and care that you have come to expect.
We are delighted that you are part of our family
and wish you happy and safe travels.
Marcus Lemonis
Chief Executive Officer
Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC and
Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc.
Welcome to Good Sam
Roadside assistance
• Protection for all Household Vehicles. . . . . . . . . Page 5
• Benefits for Members, Spouse and Children . . . Page 6
• 24-Hour Roadside Assistance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7
- Towing Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7
- Flat Tire Service ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Page 8
- Battery Service ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Page 8
- Emergency Fuel and Fluid Delivery ?????????????????? Page 8
- Lost Key/Lock Out Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
- RV Concierge Service ???????????????????????????????????? Page 9
- RV Roadside Mechanical Repairs. . . . . . . . . . Page 9
• Trip Interruption Assistance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9-10
• Emergency Medical Referral Service. . . . . . . . Page 11
• Protection in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico,
U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12
• Auto and RV Service Discounts. . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12
• Service Limitations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13
• Important Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 14
• Membership and Cancellation Policy . . . . . . . Page 15
How to Get Help in
an Emergency
It’s Easy as A, B, C.
A. C all 1-800-947-0770
Your call is toll-free anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska and
Hawaii), Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. For service
in Mexico only, please call toll-free 001-866-456-0969. Give
the Service Representative your membership number, membership
expiration date, and the phone number you are calling from.
B. D escribe the location and vehicle
Tell us the road name and cross street or highway number and
nearest mile marker. Also tell us the model, make and color of
your vehicle.
C. D escribe the problem to our
certified dispatch representatives
When you call Good Sam Roadside Assistance, know that our
are specifically trained to answer questions about
RV complexities and how to handle vehicle disablement situations.
Explain the vehicle’s problem so we can send the proper equipment
to assist you. Your Certified Dispatch Representative may
ask you to hold while the appropriate local Emergency Service
Provider is contacted. We’ll confirm the estimated time of arrival
and provide you with the information on the Service Provider who
is coming to assist you.
If the service does not arrive by the
estimated time of arrival
If you have been promised a call back and
have not received it in the time specified. . .
Call us back at 1-800-947-0770
We may have had difficulty locating your vehicle and/or reaching
you at your phone number.
This is not an automobile
liability or physical damage
insurance contract.
This is not an insurance policy, and does not comply with any financial responsibility law.
This is a Member Benefit Brochure for Good Sam Roadside Assistance, a motor club program
offered by Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC and Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc.,
which home office for each is located at 64 Inverness Drive East, Englewood, Colorado
80112. The telephone number for the home office for each 1-800-842-5351. Unless otherwise
specifically stated in this brochure, all roadside services and other motor club services
provided under this program are provided by Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC or Americas
Road & Travel Club, Inc. in the states noted herein. Except as provided for by law to the
contrary in the state where you reside, this Member Benefit Brochure is for informational
purposes only and is not intended to be any type of contract. For those members residing in
Maryland, this Member Benefit Brochure is considered to be a service contract.
For only those members residing in the State of Wisconsin, however, this brochure is
considered to be a policy used to prescribe in writing the terms of a contract of insurance.
Protection for Your
Household Vehicles
Good Sam Roadside Assistance protects your RV and all your
household cars, minivans, SUVs, pick-ups, motorcycles and boat
trailers under one program.
Membership vehicles are limited to one RV and any other eligible
non-RV vehicles owned and registered by any person who is part
of the membership. Subject to the conditions set forth in this brochure,
only the following owned vehicles are included and shall
be eligible for the emergency roadside service benefits so long as
they are properly licensed and they are used exclusively for personal
or recreational purposes (i.e., non-business purposes):
• Self-contained Motorhomes
• Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers
• Pop-up Camping Trailers
• Van Campers
• Pick-up Campers
• Automobiles
• Vans
• Pick-ups, SUVs
• Boat Trailers
• 2 Wheel Tow Dollies (designed to carry only Automobiles,
Vans, Pick-ups, or SUVs)
• Motorcycles
• Vehicles specifically designed to tow Fifth Wheel Trailers
A member or associate member must be in possession of the vehicle
when the disablement occurs in order to receive any benefits
for the disablement event. Membership vehicles include one RV
and any other eligible non-RV vehicles owned by any person who
is part of your membership as provided for in this brochure.
Roadside Assistance
Your Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership (hereinafter collectively
the “membership”) provides all of the services described
in this Member Benefit Brochure for the total cost of your annual
enrollment. Other than what is specifically provided for in the brochure,
there are no additional charges. Your Good Sam Roadside
Assistance benefits become active 24 hours after approval of
your payment. At the end of the term, your membership may
be renewed for an additional year and will remain active upon
approval of your membership renewal payment.
The purpose of the Good Sam Roadside Assistance program is to
provide roadside assistance, in the event of a disablement of any
vehicle in the possession of either you or any allowable family
member under this program, which is required to enable that vehicle
to either proceed safely under its own power, or to be towed
to the nearest professional service center for repair. This benefit is
not intended to be used in lieu of routine maintenance or needed
repairs on your vehicle.
Membership Card
Please keep your membership card on hand at all times. Your
card bears the TOLL-FREE numbers to call when you need roadside
assistance or Emergency Medical Referral Service. The
membership and membership card are issued in the name of the
member. A new card is issued annually with each renewal notice
of your membership unless not renewed by either the Motor Club
or the member.
Animal Transportation
This program will assist the Member and Associate in the arranging
for transportation of dogs or cats, when possible, should the
vehicle require a tow. All expenses related to the transportation of
animals are the responsibility of the Member or Associate and will
be at their expense.
Spouse and Children
The Good Sam Roadside Assistance benefits described in this
brochure are non-transferable and will be provided only to the
member or associate member. For purposes of this brochure, an
“associate member” is the member’s family consisting only of
the member’s spouse or domestic partner (i.e., one of two adults
residing in the same household) and any dependent children no
more than 25 years old living in the same household or attending
24-Hour Emergency
Roadside Assistance
You can call toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We
network with more than 30,000 independent specialized tow and
service providers who have the specific heavy-duty gear and the
knowledge to take care of any roadside emergency. One quick
call takes care of everything – from towing to changing a flat tire
to emergency fuel delivery, as provided for in this brochure.
Towing Service
Our 24-hour, 365-days-a-year dispatch center is available with
one toll-free call. There are no pre-set mileage or dollar limits.
When you call for service, Good Sam Roadside Assistance pays
100% of the towing fees for the delivery of your vehicle to the
nearest professional service center capable and willing to repair
your vehicle. However, you must request disablement assistance
through our telephone dispatch center within 24 hours of the
disablement. If you make any request for your vehicle to be taken
to a location other than the nearest professional service center,
including your home, the mileage fee (for the extra distance
in excess of the nearest licensed repair center) will be at your
If you request to be towed to a location other than the nearest
professional service center, as described above, you will not be
entitled to any additional towing services for the same disablement.
A request for a tow to your home would also require additional
payment if that distance exceeds the distance to the nearest
professional service center.
The mileage fees for any excess mileage and the fees for additional
towing services will be determined and billed directly by
the independent service provider at the time of the disablement,
and all payment of that additional mileage fee or additional
towing service fee will be paid by member directly to the service
Note that service providers and facilities referred to members by
either Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC (ART) or Americas Road
& Travel Club, Inc (AmRT) are independent businesses neither
owned, controlled nor operated by ART or AmRT. The responsibility
for damage, loss, or unsatisfactory workmanship lies solely
with the service providers and facilities providing the service,
rather than with ART or AmRT. In some instances, members
may find it beneficial to utilize towing services provided by their
vehicle warranty, rather than the motor club services provided in
this program.
Subject to the provisions of this brochure, towing services and
other roadside assistance services are also provided for membership-
owned vehicles which become disabled as a result of a
Note: Fees for services that you hire on your own are not reimbursable.
Flat Tire Service
A service technician will replace a flat tire
with your inflated spare, or we’ll tow your
vehicle to the nearest professional service
center. On occasion and whenever possible,
we will make arrangements for the member to
purchase a tire(s) for delivery to the disablement scene. In these
cases Good Sam Roadside Assistance will pay for delivery of
tire only, member is responsible for all additional costs including
cost of tire(s), mounting, balancing, other parts or labor, tax and
any other fees. Note: This benefit does not include seasonal tire
changes. Member is responsible for all parts and labor.
Battery Service
If your vehicle’s battery is dead, our service
technician will attempt to jump-start your
vehicle. When appropriate and at the member’s
discretion, if a replacement battery is
required, we will attempt to locate and install
a new battery. The member is responsible for the retail cost of the
battery and all parts and labor charges necessary to install the
new battery. If the vehicle cannot be started, towing will be provided
(see p.7 “Towing Service”).
Emergency Fuel
and Fluid Service
If the member’s vehicle runs out of fuel, a limited
supply of fuel will be delivered to enable
the member to reach the nearest fueling station
(up to 5 gallons). Other essential fluids needed to enable continued
safe operation will also be made available, including antifreeze,
transmission fluid, differential and transfer case lubricant.
Note: Delivery does not include cost of fuel and fluids delivered.
Lost Key/Lock Out Service
We will pay for a locksmith to come to your location and gain
entrance into your vehicle. Member is responsible for payment
for all additional labor, as well as all parts, including the cost of
replacement keys.
RV?Concierge service
While traveling, call 1-800-947-0770, and a live concierge agent
will assist in:
• Locating: RV Repair Facilities, RV Parts Facilities and
Retail Stores, Service Facilities, Fuel Locations, Dump
Station Locations, and other points of interest to RVers
such as Rest Stops
• Helping locate lodging (including Campgrounds & RV Parks)
• Offering a list of the nearest restaurants
• Pointing out National Parks and Historic Sites
• Emergency Message Relay Services
Mechanical repairs
If necessary and whenever possible, depending on the RV disablement,
there may be a local mobile mechanic available that can
perform minor repairs or adjustments to your RV. In these situations,
we’ll attempt to bring a mobile mechanic to your location as
an alternative to towing your vehicle. You are responsible for the
cost of parts and labor.
Trip Interruption Assistance1
You’re eligible for reimbursement for the cost of meals, lodging
and car rental if your vehicle is disabled due to a collision with
another vehicle more than 100 miles from your home. You’ll get
reimbursement for all your eligible expenses, up to $150 a day
for up to eight consecutive days (up to $1,200 total). You are
eligible to receive reimbursement for one disablement event per
membership year.
Covered expenses include:
• Reasonable Expenses for Meals
• Lodging (campground/hotel/motel)
• Car Rental
Trip Interruption Assistance
You may be eligible for Trip Interruption Assistance benefits if the
vehicle you are driving is in a collision with another vehicle.
Distance: The collision must have occurred more than 100
miles (based upon actual mileage of the most direct route) from
your registered permanent address.
Reimbursement limits: Reimbursement for meals, lodging
and car rental are subject to a maximum collective daily limit and
a single event maximum collective limit.
Daily Limit: The total maximum daily reimbursement for all
trip interruption expenses is $150 collectively.
Single event maximUM benefit limit: The maximum
daily limit of $150 may be reimbursed to you until the
vehicle is repaired, for up to eight (8) consecutive days.
This benefit will only be allowed for one qualifying collision event
for any one-year term of membership. To receive this benefit,
your vehicle must either be disabled and unable to be driven or
towed by your tow vehicle for more than 24 hours as a result of a
collision with another vehicle. This benefit does not apply if your
vehicle is disabled due to a mechanical failure. Benefits begin
after the initial 24-hour period (from the time of the collision) has
There is no benefit if, as a result of the collision, your insurance
carrier deems your vehicle a total loss.
The original repair order indicating your vehicle VIN number,
license number, nature of the disablement, and corrective action
taken to repair vehicle must be submitted with a letter of explanation
and original receipts for all related expenses within 21 days
of the actual disablement caused by the collision.2 You must provide
an original police report (accident report), and photographs
of the damage to your vehicle, when you submit your reimbursement
Submit requests for Trip Interruption
Assistance reimbursements to:
Trip Interruption Assistance Administration
P.O. Box 6850, Englewood, CO 80155-6850
1 The financial obligations of Affinity Road and Travel Club under the Trip Interruption
Assistance benefit referenced in this brochure are insured by a policy issued by an “A”
rated insurance company. This benefit is provided to all members of this motor club
program at no additional cost. (Note to Maryland residents: Residents of Maryland are
not entitled to any Trip Interruption Benefits described herein.)
2 With respect to members residing in the State of Wisconsin or the State of Utah only,
the submission of receipts and other documents required to support any request for Trip
Interruption benefits should be submitted as soon as reasonably possible or within 90 days
after the actual disablement and failure to provide notice may be grounds for denying
such request.
Emergency Medical
referral service
Good Sam Roadside Assistance also provides you with
Emergency Medical Referral Service, which covers you and your
family when you need help with a medical or personal emergency
associated with sudden illness or accident while traveling.
• Emergency Medical Referral Service
• Directions to requested medical, dental, vision or
legal help
• Assistance replacing lost prescriptions
• Emergency cash advances (up to $250 with a valid
credit card)
• Advance medical payments (up to $5,000 with a
valid credit card)
• Assistance in making emergency travel arrangements
• 24-hour emergency message service to family or friends
• Help locating lost items – luggage, documents, etc.
• Assistance in making arrangements for pet care,
transport or safe return
• Language interpretation/translation assistance
Note: Member is responsible for cost of any contracted or
arranged emergency medical services.
The Emergency Medical Referral Service benefit referenced
herein is provided courtesy of On Call International (Salem, New
Hampshire) to all members of Good Sam Roadside Assistance at
no additional cost. On Call International is an independent business
neither owned, controlled, nor operated by ART or AmRT.
The responsibility for referrals provided by On Call International
lies solely with On Call International rather than with ART or
Protection in THE U.S.,
Canada, Puerto Rico,
The Services outlined in this brochure will be provided for disablements
occurring anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska and
Hawaii), Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico.
In Mexico, the dispatch phone number for service is toll-free
In Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico, Good Sam
Roadside Assistance provides towing and roadside dispatch
for disablement
services (as described within this brochure)
rendered up to a maximum of $1,000 for any one-year term of
Repair Service Discounts
Good Sam Roadside Assistance Members receive the largest
discount available from AAMCO - 15% off the retail price on all
total car care repairs and services, up to a maximum of $150
and only if purchased at an AAMCO Transmission Center:
•0 Transmission •0 Driveline
•0 Driveshafts •0 Rears
•0 Speed Sensors •0 Clutches
•0 Oil Changes •0 Brakes
•0 Axles •0 Seals
•0 CV Boots •0 Non-Trans/Non-Driveline Repairs
•0 15% off retail price of Power Purge Services
•0 Free Multi-Point Inspection/Transcan/Protech Check
•0 12 month/24,000 mile warranty on internal
transmission services (subject to normal exlcusions)
Please show your Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership
card to qualify for these discounts.
For more information about AAMCO’s discount program call
the Fleet Department at 1-800-Easy-Fix. Call 1-800-GO-AAMCO
or visit for a location nearby.
The Good Sam Roadside Assistance program does not service or
offer reimbursement for the cost of parts (including keys), fuel or
labor for repairs or installation of replacement parts. Other exclusions
include expenses resulting from calls from cellular phones,
storage charges, delays or displacement, or clean-up. Unless
expressly listed in this benefit brochure, expenses incurred for
hotels, meals, campgrounds, car rentals, taxi fare or airfare while
your vehicle is disabled or being repaired are not included.
Vehicles NOT COVERED by this program
include but are not limited to:
• Rented, stolen, vandalized, or impounded vehicles.
• Utility trailers of any type, animal trailers and vehicles
used to transport show animals.
• Vehicles located outside the United States, Canada, Puerto
Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico.
• Vehicles in a repair facility, off-road area*, sand beach
area, or any unattended, unlicensed, or abandoned
• Commercial/business vehicles and trailers (including but
not limited to limousines), vehicles specifically designed for commercial
or business purposes. Vehicles licensed commercially or
in a business name.
• Any personal vehicle(s) used for any type of
commercial/business purpose(s) or for any other
non-recreational purpose(s).
* An off-road area is defined as an area OFF of any of the following: hardpacked
or graded dirt public road, paved street, driveway, parking lot, highway,
freeway, expressway or adjacent shoulder.
No benefits or services are provided:
• In connection with driving or riding in any other vehicles
other than membership owned vehicles.
• As a result of acts of God or nature (e.g.,floods,
hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes), fire, vandalism,
and snow removal.
• For vehicles with pre-existing mechanical disablement
For each disablement event under this agreement, member is
entitled to a maximum of two hours of either Towing Preparation
Services or Recovery Services. Towing Preparation Services
include any of the following services: winch-out, extrication services
and preparation for towing. Recovery Services include winchout
or extrication services to allow the vehicle to proceed safely
under its own power. However, if disablement is caused solely by
an accumulation of snow by any means, the member will not be
entitled to any Towing Preparation Services or Recovery Services
in regard to such disablement.
Important Notes
This brochure is intended to supersede any and all brochures
or other advertising material previously issued pertaining to this
motor club program, and such brochures and other advertising
material are null and void. The provisions of this brochure are
effective as of the initial date of your membership. However,
the Good Sam Roadside Assistance program benefits, services,
prices, policies and procedures are subject to change without
notice by posting them on the program website at www., and such changes shall be effective
for the Member upon earlier of either the date of your next
renewal of membership or the membership anniversary, at which
time the amended brochure with those changes will be provided
to the Member. Further, if any law in any State makes any of the
provisions herein unlawful, those provisions shall not apply to
those residents in that State. At their discretion, law enforcement
officers may radio for a non-program emergency service provider.
If this happens, please call for reimbursement information. Towing
or disablement service charges may also be eligible for reimbursement
when a law enforcement officer requests those services from
a non-program provider in the event that a Member’s vehicle
breaks down on a limited access or toll road. All claims must be
submitted with original paid receipt and letter of explanation within
90 days of the incident for consideration of reimbursement. To
receive the services provided under this program, Members and
Associates must call our toll-free phone number: 1-800-947-0770.
Only active members are eligible for benefits. Fees for services
obtained independently of the Good Sam Roadside Assistance
program will not be reimbursed unless specifically provided for
in this brochure. A request for reimbursement will only be considered
so long as it is provided for in this brochure. Note: Fees
for services that Members or Associates hire on their own are not
Membership is continuous and will be automatically renewed to
your credit card or invoiced to your address at the then current
rate in effect.
Membership and
Cancellation Policy 3, 4, 5
Membership is subject to cancellation by either party at any time
for any reason, upon written notification. The cancellation of a
membership includes the primary member and all individuals
eligible for benefits under the membership. All benefits will cease
when the membership expires or either party cancels. Should
either party cancel, the member will receive a prorated refund
for the unused portion of his/her membership term, without any
3 Special Notice for Wisconsin Residents Only: Notice of non-renewal is mailed 60 days
prior to the date of expiration; the club will not cancel a membership of 60 or more days
and less than one year after the start of a membership unless the member has materially
breached the terms of the Membership Benefit Brochure; cancellation becomes effective
10 days after the first class mailing of written notice to the other’s address.
4 Special Notice for Utah Residents Only: Members who reside in the State of Utah are
entitled to receive any of the roadside assistance services provided in this Member
Benefit Brochure up to a maximum of four (4) times per membership year. If the member
requests roadside assistance services more than four (4) times in a membership year, he
will continue to receive assistance during that membership year, but any costs associated
with those additional services will be at the member’s expense, payable at the scene of
disablement at prevailing commercial rates. This motor club reserves the right to not renew
any membership pursuant to the provisions and procedure mandated by the laws of the
State of Utah. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, the membership may
only be canceled in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah. The law regarding
cancellation (Utah Code 31A-21-303) can be found at
5 For members residing in Montana only: Pursuant to MCA 61-12-301(12) and MCA 61-12-
309, this brochure constitutes a “service contract” and upon purchase of membership, the
member agrees and acknowledges the following: (1) this “service contract” is deemed to
have been signed by the member and motor club; and (2) the member and motor club
have each received a copy of this fully executed “service contract.”
To submit claims:
Call 1-800-842-5351 for instructions
For Emergency Medical Referral Services:
Call 1-877-565-2542
For general inquiries, change of address, etc.:
Good Sam Roadside Assistance
P.O. Box 6888, Englewood, CO 80155-6888
To pay membership dues:
Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Affinity Road & Travel Club, LLC and
Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 6903, Englewood, CO 80155-6903
Alternate office addresses:
In Wyoming:
1720 Carey Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001
For customer service or information: Call 1-800-842-5351
In Wisconsin:
8040 Excelsior Dr., Suite 200, Madison, WI 53717
For customer service or information: Call 1-800-842-5351
In Nevada:
311 South Division Street, Carson City, NV 89703
For customer service or information: Call 1-800-842-5351
In Louisiana:
5615 Corporate Blvd., Suite 400-B, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
For customer service or information: Call 1-800-842-5351
Quick Reference Guide
For 24-hour emergency Roadside Assistance
dispatch in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico
and U.S. Virgin Islands:
Call 1-800-947-0770
For 24-hour emergency Roadside
Assistance dispatch in Mexico:
Call 001-866-456-0969
For speech and hearing impaired:
Call 1-877-251-2221
For customer service or information:
Call 1-800-842-5351
24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Benefits and services provided by Americas Road & Travel Club, Inc. for
Members residing in Alaska, Alabama, Utah and Virginia; and by Affinity
Road & Travel Club, LLC for Members residing in all other States.
Money-Back Guarantee
You must be satisfied with this Good Sam Roadside
Assistance Program or you can cancel within 30 days
of joining to get a complete refund of your paid dues.
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