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Protection For Every Vehicle - Owned, Rented, Leased or Borrowed

With Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance, you and your family are protected while driving all vehicles-multiple RVs and autos, even if they are rented, leased or borrowed. Your utility and sport utility trailers are also covered.

Your comprehensive Good Sam RV Platinum plan includes

  • RV Standard coverage benefits
  • Coverage of multiple RVs
  • Coverage for utility and sport trailers
  • Coverage for leased, rented and even borrowed vehicles and RVs
  • Operational and Technical Assistance by Certified RV Technicians
The standard plan includes the following:
  • Coverage of RV, Autos, Motorcycles, and Boat Trailers
  • Coverage of Spouse and Dependent Children
  • RV Mobile Mechanic Dispatch
  • Unlimited Distance Towing to the Nearest Service Center
  • Emergency Medical Referral Service
  • AAMCO Discounts

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*Price reflective of $5 Auto Renewal Discount. Introductory rate available for new members only.


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