Good Sam Tech Tips


Replacing a Floor Register

Make sure your RV's climate is regulated correctly with this simple and quick Tech-Tip.

How to Lengthen an RV Bed

For all you tall campers and RVers out there, this handy tech-tip should make sleeping during your vacation or trip, all the more enjoyable! Watch Video

Tips For Keeping Pet Water Dishes From Spilling

Very straight-forward but effecti e way of keeping your pet's water/food dish from spilling all over the floor of your RV! Watch Video

Side Out Clearance

Great tech-tip for perfecting your ability to gauge whether or not you will hit anything near your RV while extending your slide-outs. Watch Video

Repairing Pipes and Fittings

One of the most common malfunctions of RVing is the breaking of the various pipes and fittings that run throughout your rig. They are also one of the most simple fixes as well Watch Video

How To Install An RV Satellite Dish

RVing and camping are outdoor activities, but you shouldn't forget the occasional downtime spent in your RV. And while inside, you'll want to stay connected to the world via TV and Internet. A satellite dish will take care of that connection for you. And this video will guide you in the installation. Watch Video

12 Volt RV Battery Maintenance

Learn a few simple maintenance tips for maximizing your 12 Volt RV Battery's lifespan.

Windshield Wiper Protection

Visibility is key when driving motor vehicle. However, extra precaution is need while operating recreational vehicles in inclement weather. This quick and informative video will provide you with practical tips for ensuring wiper efficiency. Watch Video

Trailer Propane Cylinder Covers

Propane is what fuels all the accommodations of your trailer. If you lose access to that propane for any reason, you lose access to your hot water, heat and many other luxuries that make RVing so fun and comfortable. Follow these tips for ensuring the safety and longevity of your propane tanks. Watch Video

RV Propane Safety Precautions

As an owner you always have to take precautions with your RV, especially when it comes to propane. Always call your dealer if you need help or are unsure of something! Watch Video