June 30, 2015
Driving in extreme heat can be dangerous if you haven’t taken proper precautions before you leave to go on your trip. Take time to make a checklist prior to your departure for potential service issues. Check all fluid levels in the engine, generator and cooling system. Carry extra vital fluids such as engine coolant, motor oil with the proper viscosity for summer driving and transmission ... Read More
June 23, 2015
Good Sam Roadside Assistance has noticed a pattern of suspension failures that might have been prevented by routine inspection and maintenance. Let’s examine a towable’s running gear and what can be done to prevent costly roadside breakdowns. Your travel trailer’s suspension is made up of three primary components: leaf springs, shackles and equalizers. The leaf springs are attached ... Read More
June 16, 2015
Slide-outs have become more and more common, to the point where you rarely see an RV without one. The demand for more room to sleep, to sit and to store has increased. This has forced manufacturer’s to add one to four more slides per RV. The hard part for the manufacturers is making the slide-out to operate smoothly and seal plush against the wall of an RV. RVers with one or more slides must ... Read More
June 15, 2015
Recently while traveling, we had a mechanical problem requiring my husband to crawl under the RV to repair it. Since we had no choice on where to stop, we ended up parked near a colony of ants and assorted road debris.I was extremely concerned about him being bit or cut, so I quickly grabbed the sun reflector and laid it over the problem area. He was able to safely finish the repair - and a bonus ... Read More
June 08, 2015
Today, we will cover making your RV ready to go during all seasons throughout the year. First, take advantage of the free Good Sam inspections at any Camping world location to learn the condition of your RV. Set maintenance schedules quarterly due to the changing of the seasons which require different types of servicing. Below are the different types of checkups according to the time of year you’re ... Read More
June 08, 2015
Good Sam Platinum and Platinum+ Roadside Assistance members have access to operational and technical assistance from certified RV technicians, which includes information on diagnosing and repairing failed RV components. This information is provided by certified RV technician JD Shirey. A non-working RV refrigerator can not only cause a headache, but can seriously interrupt your ... Read More
June 01, 2015
How do you choose the best engine oil for your RV? Do you believe that all oils are created equal and buy whatever is on sale? Maybe you base it on the confidence of your favorite NASCAR driver as he endorses his preferred type. Or perhaps you're loyal to the same oil the repair shop uses that you’ve been going to since you got your first car. Equally as important, how often are ... Read More
June 01, 2015
Most RV owners know how important it is to check their tires, yet only 14% of U.S. drivers properly check their tire pressure on a regular basis1. Proper tire care can prevent breakdowns, crashes, improve handling, supply better fuel economy and extend the life of your tires. We know that accidents do happen and even the most safety-conscious RV owners get flat tires – even ... Read More
May 25, 2015
After pouring over RV manufacturer's brochures, wading through RV websites and throwing a slew of questions at the friendly RV salesperson, you've finally selected the perfect trailer or fifth-wheel; but your homework isn't over yet. Now is time to take the next step and determine what kind of tow vehicle you'll need to pull your dream RV. And from the list of makes and models ... Read More
May 19, 2015
Here is a Tech-Tip about the not-so-fun side of RVing, sewer sanitation. There are few things more embarrassing than having spillage from an improperly connected sewer hose. To avoid this problem, use a weighted device to hold down the hose. A simple contraption can be made with four, 8-ounce fishing weights (or more if like) and a 12-inch piece of plastic-coated electrical wire to hold ... Read More